Aron & Neri from Vancouver

We have done 2 cycling holidays with Fabri and we enjoyed them so much we are planning a third.


The first thing we noted that made Fabri unique was his desire to get to know us and for us to get to know his country. He not only wanted to make sure he tailored the trips to our needs, he wanted to be sure that we would be exposed to things that we may not have identified as being important to us on a trip.


Having ridden on many cycling trips in the past, he discouraged us from riding from town to town each day. Instead, Fabri based us in 3 different towns & we did day trips from each one. On the third day we would cycle to the next town. The cycling routes he chose were scenic with rolling hills & he always found a local café to a rest. He was always chatting up the locals and finding out about experiences/restaurants, etc that he could expose us to that he may not have known about in advance (for example: on our first trip with him in Tuscany we participated in a Gran Fondo that was a fundraiser). Claudia, his business partner, made sure to provide recommendations for a variety of local hotels, restaurants & wineries; they were always excellent.


He arranged for us to have a cooking lesson on one of the days that was a shorter ride; we rode to our destination-his parents’ home-about 35 kms from where we were staying. There we met his family; his mother and sister in law were our cooking instructors. They were wonderful teachers and so welcoming. We made lunch with them-pasta from scratch, numerous side dishes and an outstanding tiramisu-and then sat down to eat with the whole family. The food was excellent and we were provided with the unique experience of meeting and cooking with an Italian family in their home. Afterwards we rode back to our hotel.


Our second cycling trip was to Sicily. Fabri introduced us to local cyclists who we had a chance to cycle with and once again we had the opportunity to meet a family in their home, although this time we did not cook. It was memorable! His logistics were excellent and he prepared us for our epic cycle climb up Mount Etna.


Fabri has become like family & we are looking forward to future cycling trips with him.